THAVIA is all about fashion forward basics, detailed driven classics, and statement silhouettes. On trend key pieces are carefully curated to provide all women out there with accessible options for those who juggle multiple roles at work or at home.
THAVIA pieces can be easily styled to suit your mood and be easily worn on many different occasions from day to night. The collection is a contemporary approach to classic styles that suit every type of individual. Taking #refinedchic to the next level, we claim to be the go-to brand for women who crave accessible pieces without compromising on quality. It is all about the DETAILS.
The brand takes inspiration from the runways, the streets, the cities, the world and is created to fit any fashion moment.
Who is the #THAVIAWOMAN?
She is thoughtful of the quality of apparel that she chooses to put on her body. She appreciates design, quality and uniqueness. She subtly stands out. The THAVIA woman is one who is connected to the arts and the elements of nature.
The informed, empowered, nature loving gentlewoman who is proud of her femininity and resilience, who aims to leave a mark in this world. She is inspired and relevant. In touch with artistic movements. Cultured. She sees beauty in everything and knows how to appreciate it.

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